Vision and Mission

Turkish Blood Foundation was established at 23th July 2004 by the 17 members of the Blood Banks and Transfusion Society of Turkey as a non-profit, non-governmental organization.

Vision of Turkish Blood Foundation;

- to increase and update the quality of Blood Banking & Transfusion Service in Turkey

- share the experience with the international Blood Banking & Transfusion community

Mission of Turkish Blood Foundation;

- to serve public on health care primarily in Blood Banking & Transfusion community

- to contribute in the production, preparation and usage of blood and blood products according to up to date scientific methods in the related healthcare facilities such as; clinics, regional blood centers, blood transfusion centers, etc.

- to provide scientific, social, economic solutions and policies for the problems that may arise in Blood Banking & Transfusion

- to create a national blood policy, to take action and responsibility in all educational - training activities for the planning and implementation of this policy and fulfill them

- to do community work on various issues related to human health

- to provide educational – training services for healthcare staff primarily on Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine and for public.